12 July 2023, Events

You are paying too much yearly for your Business Phone system!

Why moving to a cloud phone solution can save you money and provide you with the greatest flexibility. Advances in phone system technology and rapid remote work adoption mean your existing phone system may no longer meet your business needs. Recognizing the demand for a better solution, TA Networks offers a simple and painless way to transition to a cost-effective and feature-packed cloud-based solution.



SMB 20 “Voice Communications made easy Summer 2023 Bundle Promo Code HelloTASummer23” 1-year contract includes:

·     20 user licenses with auto attendant,

·     5 Yeahlink IP Phone handsets,

·     Call recording

·     Number porting

·     DID number.

·     Free Canadian Long-distance calling

·     Free Setup and deployment

$3,350.00/year or $13.96/user/month + HST

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