Trust Tintri

Customers that build a cloud on Tintri trust our technology with two very different types of applications:

Enterprise applications

These are the virtualized applications that organizations have been operating to run databases, desktop, email, collaboration and more. And asthousands of organizations have proven, those enterprise applications sing on Tintri.

Cloud native applications

These are applications build specifically for cloud—often by the DevOps, ecommerce, and/or engineering teams. They are composed of smaller piecesand the expectation is that they can be spun up and torn down with ease to support an accelerated development cycle. Tintri’s agility makes us much better suited for cloud native applications than conventional all flash storage.

Tintri Architecture

What allows Tintri to put the agility of public cloud in the enterprise data center?

Building blocks that mirror public cloud

Tintri Enterprise Cloud is designed to work as building blocks—similar to public cloud. That building block approach is the reason to believe we can offerthe same level of agility.


Tintri Enterprise Cloud applies that building block architecture to provide services that are not possible with conventionalsolutions.


Tintri Enterprise Cloud assigns every application to its own lane, sothere is no conflict between applications fighting for shared resources (no noisy neighbors). And this isolation is always on and automaticallyapplied to every application—no manual tuning required. That’s whycustomers are always floored by how easy it is to manage Tintri; theynever need to manually intervene to shuffle applications betweenLUNs or volumes.


Tintri Enterprise Cloud allows complete visibility of every application.That means you can see across your infrastructure in real-time
troubleshooting across host, network and storage. And you can use historical data about application behavior to predict futureperformance and capacity needs and model the impact of changes.


Tintri Enterprise Cloud offers a set of REST APIs as well as a PowerShellToolkit and Python SDK (software development kit) so that customers canautomate previously manual tasks. Automate provisioning processes, the application of policies and more to remove storage as a cloud bottleneck


Tintri Enterprise Cloud removes dependencies on IT. Tintri is so simple touse that anyone in the data center or even in DevOps can manage theirstorage footprint. And with our Open APIs, you can even chat with Tintrithrough Slack or other messaging services.