Outsourcing by TA Networks

If there is one thing we know, it’s networks. It’s our business to stay up to date on communications technologies that work for companies like yours. Our clients benefit from cost-effective service, on-site technical support, project management and IT services.

Our Solutions .

We are trusted by small to midsize businesses where it is simply unfeasible to have an IT Team. A few scenarios where this setup excels includes medical offices and institutions, franchise businesses, multi-location enterprises, and entire business office complexes.

Streamlining your IT department works wonders for your bottom line and unleashes the full potential of your IT technology portfolio.

Our Services .

A few IT systems that we support include:

Business Communication Systems (Phone, Data, Video)

Network Equipment (Switches, Routers, Network Analytics & Status Monitoring)

Remote Access Systems

Carrier Management (Phone/ Internet line Quality of Service Assurance)

Power Redundancy

Enterprise Computing (Dell, HP, Lenovo)

Virtual Machine Users

Data Redundancy Systems

Security Systems

Office Automation Systems

Paging/ Speaker/ Intercom Systems

Waiting Room TV/ Audio Package