Internet of Things

Unified Communications s make it possible to deliver IoT data in real time to decision-makers, who can access that data from any device.
IoT systems can send messages to people to alert if something is wrong
Collaboration teams can be virtually created each morning on the factory floor where information needs to be gathered and updates can be sent to the team.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the IoT will require a robust, integrated unified communications (UC) platform to improve collaboration and deliver better business outcomes.

The sensors, software and network connectivity that are embedded into devices, vehicles and buildings make up the Internet of Things.
Objects collect and exchange data to support operations and provide early warning of potential breakdowns or emergency situations such as fire or flooding.

CyberSecurity and IoT.

While the positive benefits of IoT are tangible, there exist and underlying malicious threat through the hacking of unsecured networks.

A cyber attack that successfully targets connected devices such as valves, gauges, or switches, could result in devastating physical consequences such as overheating or cooling leading to explosions or fire.

Systems being taken off line such as the electric grid and causing blackouts.

IT systems can be infiltrated and customer data stolen through back door attacks via Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures.

90% of organizations with connected OT infrastructures have experienced a security breach within their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Industrial Control Systems (SCADA/ICS) systems.

Common Issues with the lighting systems, air-conditioning units and printers. Many are using out-of-date management software open to attacks.

Over half of those breaches occurred in the last 12 months (as of June 2018)

Legacy gadgets could prove to be most vulnerable. While manufacturers have moved on from making them, people can still buy them in stores.

Questions to Ask to Secure Your Network

  • Am I segmenting my network to ensure no one can see my connected devices?
  • Am I segmenting my network to ensure no one can access those devices without proper authorization?
  • Have I hardened my communications network from potential threats?
  • Are all my IT system patches up to date?