About TA Networks.

We’re a proudly Canadian company that has been providing Telecommunications Solutions, IT Solutions, Outsourcing and Structured Cabling for over two decades to an ever-expanding market of businesses, both small and large.
We strive to match the best range of products with best-in-class customer support and the lowest prices.

The Company .

With more than 1500 satisfied corporate clients, we emphasize the deployment of services that complement our clients' strategic business development needs.

A new wave of digital telecom requires a new breed of solutions provider.

We take a youthful and refreshing approach to business service, offering a large selection of peripheral voice & data equipment.

In an effort to increase the services and choice of products to customers, TA Networks Inc. has also emphasized a growth in its product and service lines to help companies achieve the highest level of efficiency and productivity possible.

A Message from
Our Founder & CEO .

“We at TA Networks understand what our customers need. We know the importance of reliability, security, longevity, and scalability of the solutions and technologies we sell. My Team and I go to the greatest of lengths to ensure our customers are happy and 100% satisfied. I would like to extend a warm invite to you in hopes of building a strong business partnership and an unbeatable technology solution. ”

— Ganeshan Subramaniam

Our Mission .

We aim to meet the needs of our clients and address their objectives by providing the best possible solutions.

We keep a working relationship with our manufacturers and service providers, to ensure top quality service and support each and everyday.

Dedicated Service Team .

TA Networks’ Best-in-Class Services team is dedicated to revolutionizing communication in today's business by becoming a customer-centered, single-source communication partner. We rely on consistent, excellent customer service to rise above the competition. We’ll deploy Avaya (Nortel Legacy), E-MetroTel, Ruckus, APC, and Cisco state-of-the-art digital-edge switching technology to deploy a diverse portfolio of high-speed local-access, broadband networking and VOIP products expeditiously and economically. Our technology platforms enables us to supply network infrastructure and services, which meet and exceed most solutions available.

Incorporated in 2001, we focus on the sale, design and integration of telephone systems, computer networks, video conferencing, Internet/Intranet, wireless and communication networks, including local and wide-area networks, as well as virtual private networks.